Welcome! This is my blog for posting items that I am working on for fun or for my Etsy shop! Feel free to poke around and drop me a line if you have any questions :D Aside from nerdy things like my MtG Deck and Accessory bags I also tinker with other projects such as handbags, clothing and costumes.

Etsy shop photos from my shop and other photos involving my handmade items all belong to me (unless otherwise noted). Please do not use without giving proper credit! Thanks!

I recently reopened my Etsy shop which features my custom Made to Order messenger bags with specialty deck pockets for Magic the Gathering or other TCG Decks. They range in size and price and I will begin processing orders again the week of March 10th, 2014. You can view all options for the bags here on my Etsy shop’s site!

The image above with all of the different color combinations are just some of the bags that have been ordered/made in the past, the color possibilities are endless!

If you have any questions about a bag or custom request feel free to drop me a line through the shop!

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I had a blast at DragonCon here in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend! I think this might have been my 8th time attending and every year it just gets better and better! This year I wanted to make a fun costume of something recognizable but put my own twist on it so I decided on Harley Quinn but in a slight pin-up style way (I chose this mainly because my awesome friend Misti did up my She-ra wig from last year in a retro style for Halloween and I’ve been looking for an excuse to wear it ever since!). 

I made the entire costume (dress, jacket, thigh highs, garter belt and mask) and picked up the comically large gun at a costume shop in town and added the cork to it. This was easily the most fun costume I’ve made so far (even though I say that about all of them)!

In addition to my costume I also made my bff Miya’s Psylocke costume that she rocked super hard and looked amazing in!

We had such a tremendous time meeting some awesome people and dressing up and I’m already planning out stuff for upcoming cons and next year’s DragonCon too! I love, love, love making costumes and I can’t wait to dive into the next one!

I posted more pics of our costumes and some of the others I saw around, that were my favorites, on my instagram (level8seamstress) if anyone wants to check them out too!

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Hot, hungry, and very very tired.

LOL yes we were!

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Chandler dances on FREEDOM

You know what time of year it is again? That’s right, FREEDOM time!

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always this.

always this.

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I added a bunch of new and ready to ship bags to my Etsy shop yesterday! All of these particular bags feature my specialty deck box pockets (for Magic the Gathering or other TCGs) which fit the larger 100+ card “Pro Deck” boxes. There are several sizes and colors to choose from! They can be found in this section of the shop here. The medium and larger bags feature a pocket with a zippered closure inside for keeping those dice and counters safe and secure!

I am also still running my “Spring Sale” and there are still a few great bags left at some pretty great prices as well! You can find those here.

I offer custom/Made to Order options as well where you can choose your own colors and I’ll make you a bag from scratch! Available to be made with smaller, standard size deck box pockets or the larger “Pro Deck” size!

I make and design all of the bags myself and they are made with lots of nerdy love!! Perfect for gifts or for yourself to keep all of your awesome cards safe and portable for spontaneous game play with friends or at tournaments!

Any questions can be submitted through my Etsy shop using the contact link (it is free to sign up)! I’m always happy to chat about more custom bags too if you are looking for something more specific (such as you may carry lots of pens and need 5 pen holders added to a bag! I can totally do that! Or something even more tricky! hehe).

So please stop by, check out the shop and tell your friends! I truly appreciate it! :D

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everything I ever learned, I learned from Jem and the Holograms.

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I added a few new bags to my Etsy shop this past week! The newer ones feature my specialty deck pockets that will fit the larger Pro Deck 100+ card deck boxes (custom/made to order options available for these sizes as well). More new bags are coming soon and you can check out these and the other items I currently have available here!

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